Join Us

We believe, we alone can’t do everything to make things successful. That’s why we need many people like you, so that we can grow together. We invite you to join us to make things successful and grow together.

Who can join us ?

We have role for everyone. Anyone can join us on the drive to grow together. You can work for 1 hour or for 18 hours, all depends on you. You can contribute the way you want. Be passionate and choose the role which best suits you.


We are growing, we also want you to grow. If you want to invest with us, you are most welcome.


If you are a Manufacturer, a Supplier, or a Service provider of the products we deal, and if you think you can wow our customers, you are welcome to join us. We provide you the platform to sell your products on our portal and we connect you to our community buying base.


If you want to sell our products to your customer base or to your community, we will take care of all back end operations for you, we will help you to setup your store, we will provide you web portal to sell online at free of cost.


If you are an industry expert of the product we deal, you can advice us regarding the product characteristics, sourcing, costing etc. You can make our back end team strong enough to support the front end. You are most welcome to join us.


Are you a creative person? - Then you can strength our creative team. Have some extra qualities? - Then you can plugin your ideas to make us better. Want to sell our product? - We will provide you web portal at free of cost. This is the opportunity to join us. No time restrictions for you.


NGOs, Community Leaders, Aggregators or Anyone want to sell our products with their own design or slogan or theme; and want to use those profits for social cause. You don't have to invest for it. We will provide you online portal at free of cost. Also we will support you in promotional campaign for your cause. Know more about fundraising.

How to join ?

If you have gone through the above roles and you have decided the role which suits you the best. Then it’s time to know the roles in detail. It is simple, fill the below “Form”, we will send you the role clarification details to you by email. Please go through the document and clarify the doubts if you have. Once you are agree with the role clarification, Then you are most welcome to the board. Plug and Play.

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