Aggregation Sales

These are the products quoted by Manufactures for sale at factory price or even less than, but the sales needs to be achieved within the time and for the total quantity to get the benefit. Lets understand it in detail.

What it is?

To understand it in simple way, let’s talk about a practical situation. You went to market and found a sale of a product that you need in cheap price, but the condition was you need to buy 100 pcs, so that you can get it in cheap price. But you need it only 1 piece. So finally you can not get it in cheap price.

That’s why Scholar Shoppe thought to contribute to solve this situation. So Scholar Shoppe invited all people online to participate in the process so that it can arrange the quantity by “COME TOGETHER & BUY TOGETHER” policy and it can distribute the benefit equally to all the participants. This is called “AGGREGATION SALES”.

How it works?

It works in 3 ways.

  1. Scholar Shoppe’s own initiative :– Scholar Shoppe decides which products to bring into aggregation by seeing the consumer needs, timing and demand requirement. After deciding the product, Scholar Shoppe contacts the manufacturer or brand directly and negotiate the price for a certain quantity & time to achieve the sale to validate the negotiated price, this is called “DEAL“. Then it invites people to participate on the sale, after complete of the deal it dispatches the product to the participants and distributes the benefits equally among the participants.
  2. Manufacturer takes the initiative:– To liquidate some stocks or to mobilize raw materials, manufacturer suggests some products for aggregation sales. In that case manufacturer decides the price and time of the “DEAL”. Scholar Shoppe populates the sale online and invites people to participate and get the benefit.
  3. Consumer’s initiative:– Consumers like you take the initiative, suggest the product for which they can invite the people together but they do not have enough quantity to achieve the cost benefit. Also they don’t know where and how to produce and procure the product. In that case Scholar Shoppe analyses the feasibility and then contacts the manufacturer to produce the product. After the “DEAL”, it populates the products online on aggregation sales so that the requested consumer and other consumer can get the benefit of the cost.


  • All delivery will start after end of the deal period of each product or total quantity is sold / booked, whichever is earlier.
  • Delivery is possible if the sales / booked quantity is greater than 80%.
  • If the sold / booked quantity is less than 80%, then deal termed as “Invalid” and all the booking money will be returned to each individual or group after deducting a minimal bank charges on actual.


  • Get the product at Factory price or even less than it.
  • Get the aggregation cost advantage even you buy single piece.
  • Cost benefit shared equally with every participants.
  • Money returns to you if the deal does not completed in time or due to less quantity.
  • You can return your stock, if there is any manufacturing defects.


  • Need to pay in advance at the time of booking.
  • In case money returning to you due to deal cancelled, a little bank charges will be deducted at actual.

What you can do?

You can take initiative to spread the message to close the deal successfully so that everybody benefited. Do Engage as many people as you can.