Frequently Asked Questions –

Here we tried to answer the known queries. Please visit our HELP CENTER for more information.

We deal with the products which students / Institutions/ corporate /need for their day to day need or for special need. It may be mass product or personalized products. Below are the categories which we deal with

  • T Shirts – Polo, Round neck, V neck, Full sleeve, Ladies tops etc.
  • Hoodies, Pullovers, Sweatshirts, Jackets, Jerseys etc.
  • Track Pants, Shorts, ¾th Pants, Jerseys, leggings etc.
  • Caps – Sports caps, Hats
  • Bags – Laptop Bags, Backpacks, Collage/School Bags, String/Rope Bags, Cross/Side Bags etc.
  • Drinkware  – Coffee Mugs, Water Bottles, Sippers etc
  • Paper Products – Notebooks, Record Books, Lab Books, Notepads, Answer sheets etc.
  • Stationeries – Pen, Pencil, Scale, Geometry Box, Colors and Crayons, Markers etc.
  • Shoes – School shoes, Formal Shoes etc
  • Socks – School socks, Formal and Sports socks
  • Apparels – Blazers, Pants, Shirts, Ties, Belts, Handkerchiefs, Wallets etc.
  • Accessories – School Belts, School Ties, Formal/ Casual Ties, Umbrellas, Rain Coats etc.
  • Mementos / Gifts – Mementos and Gift items
  • Event / Conference Materials – One stop solution for event and conference needs
  • Utility Products – Key chains, Badges, Eco friendly items

We do customization / merchandising of products which you need it for your special requirements, may it be Personal, for a Group, for Institutions or for Corporate.

Please visit our products page to find out more products

We do use different type of materials for different products. We recommend and use only those materials which we have tested or our consultants’ advice.  We source materials on our own from our known sources and some of them are imported too. All of them we will not able to publish here as the list is huge, so some of them are as follows

  • For T Shirts Type – 100% Cotton, Mixed Cotton, Polyester etc.
  • For Over Coat Type – Fleece, Woolen, Cotton Jeans, Mixed Polyester etc.
  • For Lowers – Fleece, 100% Cotton, Polyester, Lycra, Jeans etc.
  • For Caps – Cotton, Mixed Cotton, Twill, Jeans etc.
  • For Bags – 1000D, 1680D, Jyothi, Imported materials etc.
  • For Drinkware – Ceramic, Imported Ceramic, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Virgin Plastics etc.
  • For Paper Products – Maplitho, Cotton Paper, Copier Paper, Art paper, Handmade Paper etc.
  • For Shoes and Belt – PU, uPU, PVC, Leather etc.
  • For Socks – Cotton, Polyester, Lycra etc.
  • For Blazers, Pant, Shirts and Ties – Worsted wool, Wool, Cotton, Mixed Cotton, Linen, Silk, Polyester etc.

Material selection for products depends on 4 types of factors, such as

  • Your need
  • Product Type and its usage
  •  Your budget
  • Your time delivery

You need not to be expert about selecting materials, our team and experts will guide and suggest you many options based on the above 4 factors. You can choose accordingly.

We do 5 Types of printing on products. Based on Material, Design and Quantity the printing type is selected. Here are the printing type we do to print your products.

  1. Screen Printing
  2. Direct to Garment (DTG) Printing
  3. Dye Sublimation / Heat Transfer Printing
  4. Vinyl Cut Printing
  5. Embroidery or Stitched
We have tried to explain the process by using 4W1H method, so that we can take you through each and every aspects of the process which will guide you and help you to take decision on which process is good for you and suits to your requirement.

– click the link – Printing Technology.

How to choose the best printing methods for your products?

It’s always a curious question to know about the cost of your order or the price difference between different designs or products. Please contact us, we will be happy to provide you assistance quickly with accurate price quote with classified information on costing and with no obligation to buy.

Your customized product cost is primarily determined by three things:

  1. The product you select.
  2. The total number of ink colors needed for printing on your product.
  3. The quantity of your order for the product.

Other factors such as personalisation (adding personalized names and/or numbers to your items) or special requests also affect the cost.

Your order delivery type is also going to affect your costs, such as whether you need a single delivery at once place or multiple delivery at different place.

Savings tip:-

Here are few saving tips, this may help you in reducing cost of your product.

  • You can reduce the cost per item by increasing the quantity of your order. It’s like Consider ordering a few extras to maximize your savings.
  • Reducing the number of ink colors in your design can also lead to significant savings.
  • Single delivery to one place also can save your cost.


Our FREE Services with every order – no matter its big or small:

  • Design review by a professional
  • Professional Quality Assurance – at least three experts will check every aspect of your order to ensure perfect execution.
  • Expert design consultation
  • Set-up fees
  • Customer service
  • Money-back guarantee

 Need a quote? There are three ways:

  1. When you do product design in our Design Studio, the product cost is in the page itself which is calculated based on your design pattern. You can always do a cross check with our experts.
  2. You can get a Quick Estimate here.
  3. Call us or mail us – we will be happy to serve you.


Scholar Shoppe believes in Transparency and always works on process costing, when it gives you quotes, it gives you the classified cost details, there no hidden cost or fees.

You can get a Quick Estimate online itself; anyhow we do provide a detailed and classified quote within 24 hours. You can fill the form or email us your requirement. If you are in little hurry, give us a call, you will provide you quote in couple of hours.

You can get the cost of the product while designing the product in our Design Studio, but it’s always to cross check with us to get the perfect and final cost.

Your product delivered through transport, courier, speed post.

You can pickup the delivery if you want.

Our standard delivery time is 7-15 working days. The time of delivery depends on the product type, printing technique and quantity you choose. Overall it depends on your requirement.

If it’s not fast enough for you, you can contact us; we have an express service with extra cost. Our expert team will guide you to meet your deadline.

We wish we could do it always. Again it depends on your requirement, like your product, your customization details etc. In such situation please give us a call we will possibly accommodate ourselves to meet your schedule, but always it’s not guaranteed as certain things are beyond of our control.

You can order from just one to over one thousand, Scholar Shoppe can customize as many items as you need for your event, or cause or occasion.

We deal with 3 kinds of products:-

  1. Readily available products of popular designs and templates – add to cart and checkout. There is no limitation of quantity.
  2. Semi-Customized Products – You can choose the existing products of different designs or templates and personalize it in our Design Studio, then add to cart and checkout.
  3. Fully Customized Products – You can fully customize the product with your own design or template in our Design Studio. Then get a final quote from our experts and place your order.

For digital printing or vinyl cut printing or heat transfer printing you can order for any quantity.

For screen printing or embroidery, there is minimum quantity to be ordered.

  • Screen printing:- Minimum quantity is 10. (If your design contains more than 3 colors, higher minimums may apply.)
  • Embroidery:- Minimum quantity is 20.
  • Checkout which Printing Techniques best for you

The minimum quantity for each product is guided in the product catalog on each individual product page. Please call us or mail us if you have questions.

You can design yourself your own product from our Online Design Studio. You can customize it, there is no limitation. You can change products, its color; you can add/edit text with different fonts, color, and style. You can add your own images from your computer. You can add lots of clip arts, designs to decorate your product.

There are 350+ Templates, 3500+ Cliparts, 350+ Shapes, 1000+ Fonts available for you, You can use them in your design

If you don’t know where to start, We have taken an efforts to make it easy for you. Read the step by step documents and videos.

We have many templates with different themes. It can give you an idea. You can use our themes as your design and can customize it too.

Also we provide design services, where our design team can help you to bring your idea to reality.

You can always give us a call or mail us, we will be happy to help you.

Do you get an idea or vision of a design? But don’t know how to do it? You don’t have to worry for this, you bring your idea, and our design experts will bring it to reality with few options to choose. Our design team has creative people and designing expertsOur design team will fit your idea to your budget and style.  Yes it’s a chargeable service, but cost effective.

You can always use our Design Studio at Free of Cost.

For customization services, please call us or mail us, our design team will get in touch with you and help you out.

You have designed your product from our Design Studio, but not sure about alignment or placement or color combination etc. You don’t have to worry about this; our design experts easily identify your intention and make necessary changes.

Anyhow before we print anything we do double check with you and make a proofing of digital image to make sure that your design to come out perfect.

You can always contact us for your query, we will be happy to serve you.

Not sure about the product? Want to see it, touch and feel it? May be want to try it before you place the order?

Yes we do provide samples, here are the criteria:-

  • If you want to see the material – you can always order a blank product to see it, touch and feel it; and may be try it too.
  • If you want to see the product with printing – If your order quantity is more than 100pcs, by default we send samples for approval as a process of order. If your order quantity is less than 100pcs, you need to pay for the printed sample.

Anyhow we always send you a digital image proof for each order before printing it.

For any clarification, please call us or mail us.

Yes, you can order your design with different products, colors and styles.


While designing your product in our Design Studio, you can select the product and change the color of the product by choosing color of the product on the designing page.

If you want to print the same design in different product, please give us a call or mail us about your requirement, we will help you and provide you the final cost before you place your order.

For any further clarification, please call us or mail us, we will be happy to answer you.

Each order is reviewed by minimum 3 persons from different team that is designing team, pre-production team and production team to make sure your design is perfect and ready to print.

All art are thoroughly analyzed and checked for aesthetic, printability and errors. We will automatically adjust common issues like alignment, contrast, thickness of lines etc.

The orders more than 10 pcs will get an email with digital image proofing of your design with details of correction. We will only do production after your confirmation.

The orders more than 10 pcs will done through screen printing and orders less than 10pcs will be done through Digital printing or CAD-cut-Vinyl print.

In case of customisation order – if your order is more than 100 pcs, you will get a sample before the production if you want.

After production of your product, it will be shipped to your address which you have provided for shipping. And you will get your product.

You can check your order and track your order status by logging in to the website, all summery information you can see at your login dashboard.

If you have questions or concerns about the order, please give us a call or email us, we will happy to help you.

For placing order through Purchase Order must meet the following criteria

  • You must be an institute of repute, like big Institutions, Govt. Institutions etc.
  • You must be a Corporate of repute, NGO, Trusts etc.

A copy of proper Purchase Order with your Order number should be mailed to us before processing your order. After verification and analysis we will confirm your order.   

You can make payments though online by your debit or credit card, net banking or you can transfer directly to our account.

For cheque payment, it depends on your institution type and it’s subject to realization. We will give a confirmation before we confirm your order.

Please give us a call or email us for further clarification, we will assist you.

We understand that many people using our online Design Studio to customize their product are new. By keeping in mind we have taken care of our systems to take care of it. We have experts to guide you step by step, whether its material selection, or color selection or size guide or design help, we are always with you to help.

Normally online customization products does not comes with guarantee, But we at Scholar Shoppe have taken the steps to make you comfortable by providing you quality products.

We provide 100% return in the following cases:-

  • If you find your delivered product is not like the picture proofing done with you.
  • If you find the material you selected is different from the material delivered.
  • If you find there is manufacturing defect in the product.

You have to report your concern within 7 days of shipment to get the benefit.

For further clarification you can call us or mail us, we will assist you.

You can make order for your group for the same design while designing your product through our Design Studio.

Here are the ways you can make order for your group:-

  • If the size details of your group are known to you, you can provide those details in the designing page in the size details section.
  • If you don’t know the size details of your group – we can do it for you. Save your design and share with your group, each individual can provide their size in the product page. Once size details are collected, you can direct us to proceed for proofing and production.
  • The same way for the payment too, either you can pay for the group or you can ask us to collect payment from each individual. But as you are group owner, only we can start the production after your confirmation only.

If the group order does not take placemoney collected by us will return to each individual who have already paid for it after deducting the financial charges claimed by bank or financial services.

Customer service hours

Please feel free to call us or mail at Scholar Shoppe with any questions, concerns, doubts or comments and feedback. Our customer service hour is from Monday to Saturday from 10.00am to 6.00pm. We will be happy to help you.

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